Digital Deepdish is a company focused on evolution. The evolution of our clients, the ever-changing state of digital marketing and ourselves. We started as a meetup for students at NYU. Evolved into a monthly event. Now, as much as we fought against it, we have evolved into an agency.
We didn’t WANT to create another agency. Yet, like many of our clients, we’re frustrated with how agencies deliver marketing services. Most agencies stop at the click. Some even take you to the sale. We Go Beyond The Click™ to encompass the way people buy while on their Customer Journey.
Our focus is driving results and growth. We won’t sell you more advertising so we can make a higher commission. We want you to ask us the question that most agencies hate… WHY? We want you to ask us WHY and we want to train our clients to understand what we’re doing.
We’re not your average agency. We actually don’t like the word “agency”. We’re a strategic partner that drives to help you succeed. We don’t want to be a bill, we’re an investment.
Here’s the best case scenario. Good ‘ol “Agency 1.0” relies on the fact that most clients have little or no idea how all this internet stuff works. You rely on Agency 1.0 because they use big words and acronyms. They know more than you. They sound smart. They have nice logos on their website.
You hire them and like magic, some leads come in and the phone might even ring. All the while you have no idea what they’re doing. You might know enough to be dangerous. You throw around the acronyms you learned like “SEO and “PPC”.
Here’s the problem. Agency 1.0 relies on you not knowing. They rely on you only looking at clicks and sales. They’re not telling your that you’re leaving a giant pile of money on the table. They’re not telling you that they’re ignoring the holes in your bucket.
Now, Agency 1.0 knows that there are holes in the bucket, but they don’t address it. Privately they say “It’s too much work!” or “They don’t need all that…”. We know it’s true. We’ve actually had these conversations with our colleagues at brands and agencies.
So after years of frustration, we decided to create something that we felt meets the real needs of our clients. Clients deserve better than Agency 1.0. Even though they do have cool logos.
Digital Deepdish provides businesses large and small with digital marketing strategy and implementation. We don’t want to increase traffic, we want to help drive the business forward.
Are you looking for someone to handle your digital marketing or are you not happy with Agency 1.0? Let us give you a free video marketing assessment and discover if there’s an opportunity for us to grow together.